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We would like you to learn more about us and why we offer our specific services.


Our mission is to provide high quality services to all our clients big or small by making sure that we abide by the rules provided by professional bodies that manage our performance, making us a highly preferred service provider.

Our Vision is:

• To become a sought-after service provider in our different     fields of work, this will be achieved by making sure we     provide excellent service first time around and avoid call     backs.
• To attract and retain our clients through honesty and     integrity.
• To empower aspiring employees with valuable expertise     and exposure to a wide variety of services, without     compromising the quality of our work.
• Embrace and foster diversity. 


• Promote and facilitate the growth of the previously (and historically) disadvantaged people through sustainable development and training initiatives.
• Transfer of much needed valuable skills to the previously disadvantaged.
• Maintain a loyal and diversified client base.
• Contributing towards strategies of social transformation and citizen participation.
• Develop and maintain sustainable revenue streams.
• Contributing to the economy of the country by providing much needed jobs to both professional and non-professional staff.

Black Economic Empowerment

Lutendo Group is 100% owned and managed by black Partners/ Members. It was set up to provide property related services and also in response to government commitment to empower designated groups and women in particular.

This is especially the case in the technical field in which these groups never had any opportunities to participate.

A feature that distinguishes Lutendo Group apart from other organisations is its members who are committed to hands-on in the company's operations.

Training and skills development shall be offered to the unemployed. This puts them on the job market, to stand a better chance of obtaining permanent employment, through the knowledge and skills acquired.

Lutendo Group’s growth strategy is as follows:

• Continuing with excellent services provided to current     stakeholders thus increasing our chances of acquiring     more work.
• Enter into joint venture/partnerships with existing entities     with vast experience within industries we envisage     venturing into.
• Taking advantage of the government’s strategy on     construction work to be subcontracted to Small and     Medium Enterprises and Qualifying Small Enterprises     (SMEs).
• Leveraging on the company’s favourable Broad-Based     Black Economic Empowerment rating and black women     ownership.
• Continue with quality tender submissions as it has brought     the company work for the past 10 years. 

About Us 

Lutendo Group (Pty) Ltd is an emerging wholly black owned business, managed by professionals whose experience, reputation and ethics determine their standards of performance. 

We are encouraged by the diverse economic opportunities South Africa has to offer to small and emerging entities.

Our purpose is to create a professional property and infrastructural organisation that is stable, progressive, innovative and committed to social development and creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the government, business and the corporate world. 

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